Oh The Places You’ll Go……

Yes this is one of many books that Dr. Seuss wrote. March is Dr. Seuss month in many schools across the country, he was born on 2nd March 1904. Well the school I went to today was celebrating Dr. Seuss day today…. the lesson plan involved reading some book to them. Well since they were doing Dr. Seuss day….I decided to look up on Google if I could find one of his books being read. Some celebrities/ popular authors etc read a children’s book, that is recorded and hosted on websites…… most are free. But, Dr. Seuss books are hard to find. However, I found this website, that had links to 5 of his books (all on youtube), being read by someone, with pictures of the books. I decided to play “Oh The Places You’ll Go”.

Dr. Seuss wrote books with lots of rhymes….mainly to attract kids… make reading fun. In fact he was known to create new words…words that did not make sense. Nevertheless, his books always had a lesson, a moral. “Oh The Place You’ll Go” is one such book. Believe it or not…it talks about LIFE….talks about how it has good and bad sides, how sometimes it is unfair, confusing…. but you pick it up and keep moving forward… keep going…eventually you will succeed…eventually you will move the mountain and get on your way.

Here is the book in John Lithgow’s voice…. The Video quality is not great… but in the description there is link to a better quality video…however, I really want you to pay attention to the words.

Inspiring?? Watching this video in class gave me goosebumps….listening to the words, all I could think was all he writes is true… Life is a Balancing Act…. manage happiness and sadness together…. let success and roadbumps walk hand in hand.

The next time you feel low… you feel big mountains in your way….hear/read this story…..98-3/4 % you will succeed and move the mountain away 😀

So get on your way!

Chees =)



Half of United States woke up to horrible news of Elementary school shooting spree, while the other half had already started their day. I was substituting at a school in a 3rd grade school classroom when my brother in law texted me about the same!

Shock and goosebumps are what I had!! Since we were heading out to recess…. I got access to the news via my phone (hail technology)…. to only read that 20 were dead….out of which 10 were sure kids… by the time we did dismissal they said 20 kids… and a teacher’s child was responsible for the massacre!!Shock again… teachers talking about why he did it… problem with parent or school system?? After coming home, watching the news on CNN and cnn.com…. I found out 20 Children dead with 6 adults that included the principal and school psychologist! 

This one hit home coz I am an Elementary school teacher. I work as a substitute currently, visiting a different school everyday, meeting new bunch of kids each time. Each child is different and unique in their own way. Each with own dreams and twinkle in their eyes! So after reading about it on news website…. all I could think of was the kids I was teaching for the day…. I wanted to be all protective and make sure they were okay…. then my mind ran million miles a minute…what if something happened with us right now, what can I do to ensure their safety….will I be able to take them to safety??

I don‘t know what issues the suspect had….all I read was his mother (also a victim and teacher at the same elementary school) had bought the guns….Thank you gun laws that allow people to arm themselves!!

There are arguments about guns from both sides…. the ones who own them say they are for their safety and not to blame guns for the things that happen but the people who hold them and fire them. While there are some who believe why let people freely buy guns… look what it does… from Virginia Tech to the theater shooting to the recent mall shooting…. all the shooters were able to buy guns and hurt innocent lives!! The hope is that the innocent lives lost today will help the government open their eyes to the laws they are creating and hopefully they will take a good decision.

When those parents send their Children to school today, they didn’t know that would be the last time they would be seeing their children alive 😦 Can’t imagine the pain of those 20 set of parents waiting for their kids to come out–BUT THEY DIDN’T. Praying to God that their souls rest in peace. 

The brave Principal, School Psychologist and Teachers who risked their lives to save the children…. God Bless their souls and lay them in peace!

I am not a parent yet…. yet I feel the pain….can’t imagine how their nights are going to pass today…. can’t think of how they will feel everytime they will see the wrapped presents under the Christmas tree that they bought for their child–they are going to remain wrapped. 

Can’t imagine how all the children are going to feel going back into the school building, picking up from where they left…trying to forget and move on from what they saw. Unfortunately, some of them saw a lot more than they should have at this tender age. Something they might not get over soon. 

All we can do is pray and hope the families can cope with this disheartening loss and ensure that this incident today makes the government take the right decision!!!

All this makes my belief, of living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment, even stronger. 

With heavy heart, we say goodbye to the little angels while thanking Lord for the ones that survived!! 


Christmas Gift Arrival

I have been super busy lately and with holidays around the corner it has been a little crazy… making cards to sell, making Xmas cards to send out to family and friends, baking, work (with bizzare weather..many teachers have to be out ) and trying to make new crafts… I haven’t been able to do half of the things. 

So for a long time I have been saying I want to get a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer…. you know after seeing those things on Food Network over and over, being used by the chefs there…. I wanted to have one… but those are darn expensive… they cost $399 and up… and they don’t even go on sale 😦 

So I think my husband got a little bored of hearing me talk about it…so on Cyber Monday (after Thanskgiving and Black Friday) he was surfing electronic selling websites and found a deal for a 5 qt Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for 299$ (haven’t seen that price anywhere :D) and has flat beater, whip and dough hook attachments and a lid for the bowl…. awesome!!!

Was too excited when the parcel came.

Next step…

yayyy its almost out of the box =)

Helloooo my new Stand mixer… Nice red color (actually cinnamon color…. but due to the flash its looks bright red :D) 

I can’t wait to get back to baking and experiment now I have the top most gadget 😀 …. With holidays around the corner, it is time to make some cookies I guess 😉

Still not over the fact I have one of these 😀 

Cheers =)

Love and Hate Relationship with my Job!

We enter this world has babies, learn to walk, talk, eat, study, and work to earn living and survive. WORK!!! JOB!! It is said, if you love what you do, working becomes easier. I loved working in Human Resources when I was back in India…. then after coming here, switching careers… adding some hobbies in it…I have realized that I love teaching, crafting, card making and enriching the little brains. 

Currently I work as a substitute. Before that I worked in a day care with 2-yr old (BTW those babies of mine are now 3….boy I miss seeing them). I loved making the lesson plans, and implementing them, playing with them…. but was not a fan of the other things that came along… Sorry but I did not get a Masters Degree to clean bathrooms and mop everyday!! I completely understood the need for clean environment for small kids…. but more than satisfaction, there was exhaustion. So when I got call to become a substitute…I jumped and grabbed the opportunity with both my hands. 

Being a substitute has definitely been different… going to different schools, all the different classrooms-the way they are organized and how everything is. There are days when I have work and there are days when I don’t. I have my card making and other crafts that I keep trying and then the baking. Friends and Family keep telling me that is good that I have flexi work schedule–I can make my own schedule. I don’t feel like going to work I don’t have to. It is true…. I do make my own schedule. If there is a job in a school that is a little far or a grade I don’t want to deal with any particular day, I can reject the assignment. 

But I am starting to have a love-hate relationship with my Subbing job. I love the fact that I get to work in a classroom. Hate the fact that I don’t have a job everyday. Love that I get to teach, hate that I am doing that in someone else’s classroom. Love that I can make my own schedule and don’t have to work everyday. Hate that I can’t work everyday and have a routine 😦 and I can go on. I have even thought of quitting. But I know this is the best way to stay in the county and keep my hopes that I will eventually find a permanent job.

My husband wanted to get into engineering, but had to become a Pharmacist. So he is not a fan of his job… but it brings in good earnings so he keeps doing it. So I think, okay he doesn’t like what he is doing and still keeps going, I love my teaching career… then why can’t I keep doing this. 

I am a person of routine and like to plan ahead…. so this everyday looking at the website and waiting to see if any job is available is kind of annoying. Never the less, have to keep going and keep those hopes up!! 

I am sure there are people trying to get out of their current jobs and get into something they love (I know my husband is trying ;D). It made me think…how many people out there have this love-hate relation with their job?? 

Life is very funny… it throws these curve balls…it is on us we dodge them or hit a homerun!!

Cheers =) 

Turning 30

Hello big 3-0……

On this 30th day of September 2012, I turn 30. Goodbye 20’s hello 30’s!!

I heard people say welcome to our club, welcome to this side of the age, etc etc.It made me think, does turning 30 means some changes are bound to happen? I will be honest, my friend and I had decided that 2 of us were going to celebrate our 30th a bang coz getting into 30’s was a big deal or so I thot 2 years ago…..unfortunately the big bang welcome did not happen, she is far away in India while I am here. When she turned 30 she said she didn’t feel any different and I remember telling her that its not possible…. she must feel some change!!

Well I see what she said then… Today I still feel like I did yesterday when I was 29-still feel the same positivity, same maturity and same craziness surging me!! Maybe few days later I might feel different??? 

I do know this, that unfortunately/fortunately the person that I am.. is me…. its my nature, its my personality- and nothing is going to change that…whether I become 30 or 40 or 50! I do strongly believe that age is just a number….. you are as old as you feel. That doesn’t mean I behave and dress like a 16 yr old… But it also doesn’t mean I have to change myself. I know I will remain the same talkative, sorta hyper and crazy person that I am! Aging is not going to change that…. hopefully my kids will see that and not think they have a crazy momma!!

Since nothing has changed but the number that I will put in forms where it asks me to put my age…. I promise to keep doing all that I do and enjoy!!!

Cheers =)


Primary School-Can I go back??

Today, 5th September 2012 is Teacher’s Day in India. It is the Birthday celebration of the 2nd President of India Dr. S. Radhakrishnan who was an academic philosopher. I still remember going to school-all excited coz although we did go to school, we did not have to carry books or backpacks. We would go in, have a special assembly with some fun and humor, wish the teachers. We would go to our classrooms, while teachers went to the staff room (teacher workroom) and would sit and talk and enjoy the day. 

We would have seniors (11th and 12th graders- schools in India start at KG and end at 12th across most boards and states) come to our classroom and be our teachers. Our teachers moved from one class to another while we stay put in 1 class. So seniors would do the same. We had to treat them the same way we would treat a teacher. Seniors did everything while teachers got to eat, relax and be merry. At the end of the day we would have a 1 hour entertainment for teachers-plays, dancing etc. ABSOLUTELY FAB TIMES.

Today when I went to sub in one of the schools, I was looking at kids working. Sitting at their desks, arranging stuff in there, the books, the stationery… Oh I miss those days!! I was the good student 😉 always wanted to make sure I took all notes, did my homework and tried to be teacher’s pet (never succeeded, but never gave up too :D). The excitement of buying new stationery at the beginning of the school year, uniforms, new backpack–memories!! Getting back with friend, the gossip, the fights, the mean girls, handsome boys, studious kids….. never ending list. 

All this made me think how much I miss it….. although then all I wanted to do was grow up, get done with studies-no homework, no tests/exams, and no gossip/rumors. But now at this point of time when I work in schools, all I want to do is go back and re-live it all. Only this time I will make sure that I enjoy every bit and not think about growing up =) 


Grab the balloons called little moments in life

I love listening to music, especially songs that have good music and good lyrics- anything audible, I’m listening to it. But I favor songs that have some meaning to them. My Ipod is always connected to my car and in the weekends to the audio system in my house (provided my husband is not watching TV) or I am listening to tune in radio app on my Ipad- has so many stations. 

Past week on my way to work, I was listening to this song “Gubbare” from Ek Main aur Ek Tu. I saw the movie…EH!!! but the songs… awesome…all of them. I have loved the song for the music, the voice and lyrics to some extent. That day I just happened to listen carefully I guess…I heard the songs like 3-4 times before I reached work, and on my way back. It is a very happy song–it just makes you want to tap your feet, skip a little, smile and sing a long. 

So back to my story…I really paid attention to the lyrics. It talks about balloons-the different colors, the sizes, how they bring a smile to our faces and how a small pin can pop it. I thought wow…they have used balloons as metaphor for “life” maybe…. repeated listening later I realized balloon as metaphor for “moments in life” In the movie the song comes when the heroine in the movie is asking the hero to lighten up, enjoy life and grab as many moments in life as he can. 

The song describes how balloons are colorful and fun to play with.  Some have too much air, some very little but they still fly freely in the air. In the world filled with issues and problems, balloons bring a smile to your face so don’t let your problems be the prick that will pop your balloon. In the end, they say why play with 1, grab a bunch, enjoy them and see how you feel. All these little moments in life are nothing but different kinds of balloons-so enjoy every moment, however good or bad.

I know I wrote about “enjoying little things” previously. Some might think I am repeating myself. But I had to share this song–makes me smile and makes me dance a little. Makes me want to enjoy everything around me. 

Listen to the song, I promise you will want to do the same 😉

Cheers =)