Kicking fat in its butt

I have always struggled with weight. I was a skinny baby….then came 3rd grade, heels and a broken ankle which put me in bed for 3 months. I ate, and ate… and here I am. Never listened to my mother tell me to take care of my eating all through my teenage years (should have I know!). oh well so here I am, almost 30, and struggling with weight. I did loose quite a bit of weight when I was around 21. That lasted like a yr and half-stopped exercising and worrying about eating and I was back to my original. 

After I got married… I exercised, but ate everything. Of course that was not going to work. Then started the gain weight, loose weight cycle. Exercise, loose weight for some time, stop exercising and I’m back to what I was and some more. Then some tv shows like you are what you eat on BBC and Biggest Looser on NBC made me realize how bad my eating was. Add to that this pic of mine from 2008 India Trip-an eye opener. I could not believe how big I had gotten. I had not even had kids. At this rate I would not be able to run around with them, or not be around long to see them or maybe not even have kids. My family has history of diseases, so does my husbands. Neither of us cared about our health. So I decided to work on my weight. Started to eat little better- moved from 2% milk to 1% , switched to low fat items, whole grain pastas, and more.

Me in 2008

One year later I had lost 25 pounds-still long way to go… but better than before. We went to london for a cousins wedding and family noticed the difference-got compliments.

Me in 2009

Then a year later we found out that my husband has Diabetes and cholesterol problem- runs in his family (told him to switch with me, but he wouldn’t). This led to meeting with dieticians, attending classes regarding how to keep it in control through diet and exercise- a complete lifestyle change. Man who could ran away from salads, was grazing on them now. Changes had to be made in the way I cooked. It benefited both of us. Now only prob was exercising. Only if I could stay on it regular. My husband took a challenge on himself-if everyone can loose weight, why he couldn’t. He started being regular, which inspired me as well. But my student-teaching months were crazy and could not exercise. 

Last 1 year has been crazy with things going on. But it made us realize, things are going to happen. We are going to have to work on our weight issues and health problems…especially since we are ready to have kids.

I joined a bootcamp for girls and he joined a gym run by 2 doctors and has a personal trainer. We are back to eating healthier- more of fruits and nuts. I bake once a week-try some new recipe…eat 1 piece/cupcake and share rest with friends and family. Cooking with less oil, trying to make stuff more at home… but we do go eat out as well…make better choices in eating when we go out. My boot camp sessions are 3 days a week…other 3 days I walk/run on treadmill on my own. He goes to gym 6 days a week as well. So in a way we compete with each other… the fact the the other is going to gym inspires us to be regular. 

Us in 2012

 We both have goal to attain…and hoping we will some day. Until then it is all about exercising. Both of us know now that eating healthy and Exercising regularly are the only way we are going to have a better life. 

Will keep sharing fitness ideas, our story and recipes as time goes…

Until next time,

Cheers =)