About Me

Welcome to Life Scribbles with Coffee =)

I am Shraddha, happily settled in Georgia for the past 6 years. Down here we like to take it easy, love our food and desserts, enjoy the weather and go about doing our things 😉 

This blog was previously known as Ms. Patel’s classroom… I am a certified teacher… I graduated at the time when economically things started going down hill. But that did not discourage me… I waited patiently for an opportunity to show up. I had created classroom blog to share about my teaching experience, and other things around me. I do not have a classroom yet… but I do work as a substitute for one of the counties here (step 1 to getting my own classroom :D)

Teaching was not my first career. I worked in Human Resource Department of a giant publishing company in India (this was 7 years ago). After moving to USA, I sat home for 2 years, before I started working with children-part time job, which inspired me to get into teaching. 8 months after graduating I did find job with a daycare… worked there barely for 5 months before I got the substitute job.

All this time, while I was studying, I started enjoying scrapbooking, jewelry making, experiment with food, baking, traveling, and all things around me. I know a lot going on here 😀 So I decided to revamp my blog and make it a more generic one, where I could share recipes, maybe some jewelry, travel stories and any other interesting experiences! I already have a blog for all my arts and crafts http://www.kreativekookiezcrafts.blogspot.com (do check it out)

So here I begin with my journey of sharing. Thanks for reading and looking into my blog.

Cheers =)


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for following my blog! I popped over to your scrapbooking blog as well and saw the baby cards. I like the embossing (looks like cardboard) and the baby feetprint. I don’t have the space for any kind of die-cutting/embossing machine. I actually sell products for Memory Works, so feel free to take a look and let me know if something catches your kookie fancy 😛 And as someone who was strictly anti-mushroom, I like your recipes!

      • Hi there! I keep trying to do things as well. I love challenge blogs, they keep me inspired and creative with my crafting. And Memory Works has some great stuff. They’re going to be publishing their new spring/summer catalog, but some of the stuff is available now, so keep an eye on my blog or feel free to e-mail me and I can send you the news once I get it! Thanks!!

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