WIFI Frame

So usually my posts are about food trials….but since we have moved into a new home… I want to go back to trying and decorating home with hand made stuff…. So I started to search for ideas… where eeeelse but PINTEREST 🙂 😀 So I came across this guess room decor idea…of framing WIFI Password for guests!! Hmm…… so that is an awesome idea!! Have the frame in guest room when you have a guest… and bring it out when you have a party with close friends (one’s you wouldn’t mind sharing your password with or unless you know how to create a guest account and password…I still have to learn that)

So here is my frame:

WIFIFrameA printed cardstock, inside a a cheap frame 😉 Now the design is not my own creation… rem… I said I was looking on Pinterest…. so I found a link to a blog with free download to this design 😀 (wohoooo) and I picked up the frame from Michaels for $2.00

WIFIFrame3Love it!!! It is cute, complements the decor in the built-ins and perfect for when I am ready to share password! I added the downloaded image in powerpoint and added my password using text box.

WIFIFrame2Ofcourse the frame looks small on the huge built in…. but that is not its permanent spot…. so for right now…works fine! So the design….  It is by Lauren from Life.Love.LaurenHERE is the post where she shares the design. Thank you Lauren for sharing the freebie 🙂

This is all for today,

Until next time….

Cheers =)


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