Strawberry Cake

Strawberry is my favorite fruit… In India growing up it was rare to find it…now one can find them easily. Here you will find strawberries in my refrigerator most of the time. So when “Miss H” (friend) made this cake and shared pic on Instagram, getting the recipe and making it was necessary :)) Few ingredients, quick and easy, this cake is yum. When she shared the recipe…I was like ooh this is easy… just like her Black Russian Cake -which is a gem of a recipe, super hit in my house and with other friends!


Strawberry Cake


For the Cake:

1 box White Cake Mix

1 pkg Frozen Sweetened Strawberries (I used 16 oz pkg)- Reserve 1/2 cup for Icing

3 oz box Strawberry Jell-O

1/2 cup Water,

1 cup oil

4 eggs


For the Icing:

1 stick margarine (I used 1 stick butter)

1 box powdered sugar (I used 1-1/3cup)

1/2 cup Frozen Sweetened Strawberries



1. Mix the cake mix, strawberry Jell-O, Water, Oil and Eggs in a food processor or using hand mixer. Then add frozen strawberries (don’t forget to reserve 1/2 cup for icing.)

2. Grease and flour cake pan. You could do 1 round pan and cut the layers after the cake cools or you could cook in 2-3 different same sized pans. Pour the batter in cake pan and bake at 325 degree F for 20-25 minutes or until done. Cool completely on a rack. (I let it cool for almost 1 hr)

3. Meanwhile combine the icing ingredients and mix well.

4. Once the cake is cooled, cut if you made 1 big cake, spread the icing between layers and on top and sides.

Cut a slice and enjoy!!

So I threw some of my old round pans with intention of buying new ones and still haven’t bought em 😦 So I used 2 corningware bowls to bake my cakes… so my cake took almost 55 mins to cook…the top and bottom were nice and brown while the inside was pink and moist!! Yes I am going to buy cake pans ASAP!!! I had 2 cakes that I cut in halves and iced, ending up with 2 cakes. Luckily I was having dinner with friends and family so it worked out well.

The cake was yum…. inspite of adding just 1-1/3 cup of sugar in the icing, it was sweet for my taste testers. But everyone loved the cake tastes good and is very moist!! The icing is a little liquid-y due to the frozen strawberry… but it should not be runny… just thick enough for it to stick, while it trickles down a little too. But again, we prefer just enough sweetness in our desserts. So adjust the sugar as per your taste. I also substituted margarine with butter, just because I forgot to get some margarine and did not realize until started to take ingredients out for the cake 😛

Suggestions my taste tester’s gave me:

* How about using fresh strawberries and cooking it using some sugar….like making compote or jelly like berries and using that.

* What about not using the icing at all or just maybe in the middle??

* How about Bundt pan?

So next time I make this cake, I am going to be using one of these ideas 😀

However, inspite of the sweetness, everyone enjoyed the cake. Another keeper recipe :)) Thank you Miss H for the wonderful recipe :))

Try it out and let me know how you like it.

Until next time,




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