Oh The Places You’ll Go……

Yes this is one of many books that Dr. Seuss wrote. March is Dr. Seuss month in many schools across the country, he was born on 2nd March 1904. Well the school I went to today was celebrating Dr. Seuss day today…. the lesson plan involved reading some book to them. Well since they were doing Dr. Seuss day….I decided to look up on Google if I could find one of his books being read. Some celebrities/ popular authors etc read a children’s book, that is recorded and hosted on websites…… most are free. But, Dr. Seuss books are hard to find. However, I found this website, that had links to 5 of his books (all on youtube), being read by someone, with pictures of the books. I decided to play “Oh The Places You’ll Go”.

Dr. Seuss wrote books with lots of rhymes….mainly to attract kids… make reading fun. In fact he was known to create new words…words that did not make sense. Nevertheless, his books always had a lesson, a moral. “Oh The Place You’ll Go” is one such book. Believe it or not…it talks about LIFE….talks about how it has good and bad sides, how sometimes it is unfair, confusing…. but you pick it up and keep moving forward… keep going…eventually you will succeed…eventually you will move the mountain and get on your way.

Here is the book in John Lithgow’s voice…. The Video quality is not great… but in the description there is link to a better quality video…however, I really want you to pay attention to the words.

Inspiring?? Watching this video in class gave me goosebumps….listening to the words, all I could think was all he writes is true… Life is a Balancing Act…. manage happiness and sadness together…. let success and roadbumps walk hand in hand.

The next time you feel low… you feel big mountains in your way….hear/read this story…..98-3/4 % you will succeed and move the mountain away šŸ˜€

So get on your way!

Chees =)


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