Half of United States woke up to horrible news of Elementary school shooting spree, while the other half had already started their day. I was substituting at a school in a 3rd grade school classroom when my brother in law texted me about the same!

Shock and goosebumps are what I had!! Since we were heading out to recess…. I got access to the news via my phone (hail technology)…. to only read that 20 were dead….out of which 10 were sure kids… by the time we did dismissal they said 20 kids… and a teacher’s child was responsible for the massacre!!Shock again… teachers talking about why he did it… problem with parent or school system?? After coming home, watching the news on CNN and cnn.com…. I found out 20 Children dead with 6 adults that included the principal and school psychologist! 

This one hit home coz I am an Elementary school teacher. I work as a substitute currently, visiting a different school everyday, meeting new bunch of kids each time. Each child is different and unique in their own way. Each with own dreams and twinkle in their eyes! So after reading about it on news website…. all I could think of was the kids I was teaching for the day…. I wanted to be all protective and make sure they were okay…. then my mind ran million miles a minute…what if something happened with us right now, what can I do to ensure their safety….will I be able to take them to safety??

I don‘t know what issues the suspect had….all I read was his mother (also a victim and teacher at the same elementary school) had bought the guns….Thank you gun laws that allow people to arm themselves!!

There are arguments about guns from both sides…. the ones who own them say they are for their safety and not to blame guns for the things that happen but the people who hold them and fire them. While there are some who believe why let people freely buy guns… look what it does… from Virginia Tech to the theater shooting to the recent mall shooting…. all the shooters were able to buy guns and hurt innocent lives!! The hope is that the innocent lives lost today will help the government open their eyes to the laws they are creating and hopefully they will take a good decision.

When those parents send their Children to school today, they didn’t know that would be the last time they would be seeing their children alive 😦 Can’t imagine the pain of those 20 set of parents waiting for their kids to come out–BUT THEY DIDN’T. Praying to God that their souls rest in peace. 

The brave Principal, School Psychologist and Teachers who risked their lives to save the children…. God Bless their souls and lay them in peace!

I am not a parent yet…. yet I feel the pain….can’t imagine how their nights are going to pass today…. can’t think of how they will feel everytime they will see the wrapped presents under the Christmas tree that they bought for their child–they are going to remain wrapped. 

Can’t imagine how all the children are going to feel going back into the school building, picking up from where they left…trying to forget and move on from what they saw. Unfortunately, some of them saw a lot more than they should have at this tender age. Something they might not get over soon. 

All we can do is pray and hope the families can cope with this disheartening loss and ensure that this incident today makes the government take the right decision!!!

All this makes my belief, of living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment, even stronger. 

With heavy heart, we say goodbye to the little angels while thanking Lord for the ones that survived!! 



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