Christmas Gift Arrival

I have been super busy lately and with holidays around the corner it has been a little crazy… making cards to sell, making Xmas cards to send out to family and friends, baking, work (with bizzare weather..many teachers have to be out ) and trying to make new crafts… I haven’t been able to do half of the things. 

So for a long time I have been saying I want to get a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer…. you know after seeing those things on Food Network over and over, being used by the chefs there…. I wanted to have one… but those are darn expensive… they cost $399 and up… and they don’t even go on sale 😦 

So I think my husband got a little bored of hearing me talk about it…so on Cyber Monday (after Thanskgiving and Black Friday) he was surfing electronic selling websites and found a deal for a 5 qt Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for 299$ (haven’t seen that price anywhere :D) and has flat beater, whip and dough hook attachments and a lid for the bowl…. awesome!!!

Was too excited when the parcel came.

Next step…

yayyy its almost out of the box =)

Helloooo my new Stand mixer… Nice red color (actually cinnamon color…. but due to the flash its looks bright red :D) 

I can’t wait to get back to baking and experiment now I have the top most gadget 😀 …. With holidays around the corner, it is time to make some cookies I guess 😉

Still not over the fact I have one of these 😀 

Cheers =)


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