Vegetarian Mexican Lasagne

I know Mexi style Lasagne has been around (at least on pinterest). The first time I ate it at my cousins house in California almost 4 years ago I was an instant fan. I am a huge pasta fan… and being a vegetarian one option of Lasagne is filling it with cheeses and veggies… I don’t like only cheese (trying to healthy please) and my husband is not fan of spinach or zuchinni, or mushroom or sqaush… and similar veggies. So with limited options… when I tasted this I knew he would love it too (he likes mexican). So after coming back, I asked my sister in law to send me the recipe and I made it…ofcourse it was a hit 😉 and is often on our dinner menu.

I even made it at my friends surprise birthday party that we had at my house…. was a hit again!! So when I have guests over… this is 1 dish I try to make since I know most of them have never eaten it. Last night, one of our friends was here for overnight stay. He is a meater (meat-eater)… Last time he was over I did make chicken…this time I decided to go other way and made the lasagne… Delicious as ever… he liked it too 😉 

So stopping my blab and putting out the recipe….. oh but a quick thanks to my awesome sister in law Maxi….thanks a tonne for sharing this recipe bhabhi (Indian word for addressing sister in law :D)

Mexican Lasagne
From: Maxi’s Kitchen (my wonderful sister in law)

1 Can Refried beans
1 Chopped Red onion                     
1 Chopped bell pepper
8oz Chopped mushrooms (optional)
Italian Seasoning
Green Chilli Paste (optional)
Red Chilli Flakes     
Carom Seeds
Turmeric powder
Cumin powder     
 ½ bottle Picante sauce
Pasta Sauce-as required (I have used marinara, tomato basil–whichever I have at home the day I make)                                  
Lasagna Pasta (I use the No boil) (using No boil is very easy and convenient, not boiling lasagne noodles, fear of breakage… layer raw strips with filling and they cook awesome)
Mozzarella cheese (sometimes I use fresh Mozerella, sometimes already shredded in packets)
Onion sliced in rings and pickled/fresh jalapeno-for topping/decor.
1) In a frypan put a little oil and cook the onions, bell peppers put garlic and salt and season with Italian spices. 
2)In another pan saute mushrooms. Use salt, garlic and red crushed peppers to season.

3) In another pot put oil and Turmeric and a little Carom seeds and saute a little chopped tiny onion and bell pepper. Add garlic, salt, Green chili paste and a little cumin powder and last the refried beans and stir. Then add a the Picante sauce. (sometimes I omit the onions and green peppers in this step and just saute all of it using Step 1)
4) Spray pam at the bottom of the baking pan and put a little traditional pasta sauce. Use one layer of lasagna, put beans, and vegetables and then cheese and add a little sauce. Carry this on until you have done it twice (4 sheets of Lasagna per serving)
5) Then on the top layer, after you have put the last layer of lasagna, spread sauce and grated cheese and decorate with a few red onions and jalapeños cut in circles. (I did not do this step)
6) Cover it with foil and bake in oven for 30 minutes. Remove the foil and let the cheese brown. Take it out of the oven and let it rest for 5 minutes before you serve. 
 Serve it with Garlic bread or some Mexican rice or both…. simply delicious!! This is a versatile dish because you can add or omit veggies as per your requirement. As soon as you eat the first bite, you will get all the flavors- the beans, the veggies, the picante sauce, pasta sauce, the italian seasoning–little bit of everything. It is filling, yet not heavy for some reason.

The next day, leftover is as delicious…. just reheat in microwave-covered and it is as soft as if fresh out of oven.

This is a simple, easy and comes together very quickly. Thanks again to Maxi bhabhi for sharing this recipe and teaching me how to make it. Every time I make this, I remember the good time we had last we met and ate this together 😀

Until next time,

Cheers =)   


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