Love and Hate Relationship with my Job!

We enter this world has babies, learn to walk, talk, eat, study, and work to earn living and survive. WORK!!! JOB!! It is said, if you love what you do, working becomes easier. I loved working in Human Resources when I was back in India…. then after coming here, switching careers… adding some hobbies in it…I have realized that I love teaching, crafting, card making and enriching the little brains. 

Currently I work as a substitute. Before that I worked in a day care with 2-yr old (BTW those babies of mine are now 3….boy I miss seeing them). I loved making the lesson plans, and implementing them, playing with them…. but was not a fan of the other things that came along… Sorry but I did not get a Masters Degree to clean bathrooms and mop everyday!! I completely understood the need for clean environment for small kids…. but more than satisfaction, there was exhaustion. So when I got call to become a substitute…I jumped and grabbed the opportunity with both my hands. 

Being a substitute has definitely been different… going to different schools, all the different classrooms-the way they are organized and how everything is. There are days when I have work and there are days when I don’t. I have my card making and other crafts that I keep trying and then the baking. Friends and Family keep telling me that is good that I have flexi work schedule–I can make my own schedule. I don’t feel like going to work I don’t have to. It is true…. I do make my own schedule. If there is a job in a school that is a little far or a grade I don’t want to deal with any particular day, I can reject the assignment. 

But I am starting to have a love-hate relationship with my Subbing job. I love the fact that I get to work in a classroom. Hate the fact that I don’t have a job everyday. Love that I get to teach, hate that I am doing that in someone else’s classroom. Love that I can make my own schedule and don’t have to work everyday. Hate that I can’t work everyday and have a routine 😦 and I can go on. I have even thought of quitting. But I know this is the best way to stay in the county and keep my hopes that I will eventually find a permanent job.

My husband wanted to get into engineering, but had to become a Pharmacist. So he is not a fan of his job… but it brings in good earnings so he keeps doing it. So I think, okay he doesn’t like what he is doing and still keeps going, I love my teaching career… then why can’t I keep doing this. 

I am a person of routine and like to plan ahead…. so this everyday looking at the website and waiting to see if any job is available is kind of annoying. Never the less, have to keep going and keep those hopes up!! 

I am sure there are people trying to get out of their current jobs and get into something they love (I know my husband is trying ;D). It made me think…how many people out there have this love-hate relation with their job?? 

Life is very funny… it throws these curve balls…it is on us we dodge them or hit a homerun!!

Cheers =) 


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