Turning 30

Hello big 3-0……

On this 30th day of September 2012, I turn 30. Goodbye 20’s hello 30’s!!

I heard people say welcome to our club, welcome to this side of the age, etc etc.It made me think, does turning 30 means some changes are bound to happen? I will be honest, my friend and I had decided that 2 of us were going to celebrate our 30th a bang coz getting into 30’s was a big deal or so I thot 2 years ago…..unfortunately the big bang welcome did not happen, she is far away in India while I am here. When she turned 30 she said she didn’t feel any different and I remember telling her that its not possible…. she must feel some change!!

Well I see what she said then… Today I still feel like I did yesterday when I was 29-still feel the same positivity, same maturity and same craziness surging me!! Maybe few days later I might feel different??? 

I do know this, that unfortunately/fortunately the person that I am.. is me…. its my nature, its my personality- and nothing is going to change that…whether I become 30 or 40 or 50! I do strongly believe that age is just a number….. you are as old as you feel. That doesn’t mean I behave and dress like a 16 yr old… But it also doesn’t mean I have to change myself. I know I will remain the same talkative, sorta hyper and crazy person that I am! Aging is not going to change that…. hopefully my kids will see that and not think they have a crazy momma!!

Since nothing has changed but the number that I will put in forms where it asks me to put my age…. I promise to keep doing all that I do and enjoy!!!

Cheers =)



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