Grab the balloons called little moments in life

I love listening to music, especially songs that have good music and good lyrics- anything audible, I’m listening to it. But I favor songs that have some meaning to them. My Ipod is always connected to my car and in the weekends to the audio system in my house (provided my husband is not watching TV) or I am listening to tune in radio app on my Ipad- has so many stations. 

Past week on my way to work, I was listening to this song “Gubbare” from Ek Main aur Ek Tu. I saw the movie…EH!!! but the songs… awesome…all of them. I have loved the song for the music, the voice and lyrics to some extent. That day I just happened to listen carefully I guess…I heard the songs like 3-4 times before I reached work, and on my way back. It is a very happy song–it just makes you want to tap your feet, skip a little, smile and sing a long. 

So back to my story…I really paid attention to the lyrics. It talks about balloons-the different colors, the sizes, how they bring a smile to our faces and how a small pin can pop it. I thought wow…they have used balloons as metaphor for “life” maybe…. repeated listening later I realized balloon as metaphor for “moments in life” In the movie the song comes when the heroine in the movie is asking the hero to lighten up, enjoy life and grab as many moments in life as he can. 

The song describes how balloons are colorful and fun to play with.  Some have too much air, some very little but they still fly freely in the air. In the world filled with issues and problems, balloons bring a smile to your face so don’t let your problems be the prick that will pop your balloon. In the end, they say why play with 1, grab a bunch, enjoy them and see how you feel. All these little moments in life are nothing but different kinds of balloons-so enjoy every moment, however good or bad.

I know I wrote about “enjoying little things” previously. Some might think I am repeating myself. But I had to share this song–makes me smile and makes me dance a little. Makes me want to enjoy everything around me. 

Listen to the song, I promise you will want to do the same 😉

Cheers =)


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