Kreative Kookiez

So while the blog is still work in progress, it is a new start. So my friend and business partner suggested I could write a blog on our home based business (she always comes up with good ideas :D). So I thought maybe today I should talk about our business, our passion, our love.. KREATIVE KOOKIEZ. Lets begin from the beginning. 

So when my friend move from India to USA, we did not each other… just lived in the same town, met 2-3 times at peoples houses. Then after gathering often I found how she was into art and crafts. I told her about scrapbooking and so she decided to make one for her husband’s birthday. She did major work, but I helped her with ideas. The book was simply marvelous, an absolute wonderful memory for her husband who turned 30 that year. She then learned about festivals and fairs and craft shows and hence started her desire to make greeting cards and set up booths in these festivals, fairs and shows. BTW she is a graphic designer by profession 😀 Slowly I started helping her….we learned jewelry making from another friend, we went to these craft parties hosted by different people for Stampin’ Up! Infact one of her birthday party was a surprise craft themed party organized by her sister in law (another of my good friends- yah we all run in the family) which was super fun! 

So now we had resources, ideas and we made cards for everyone in our group and for parties we went to etc etc. All this card making was converted into trying to sell online business thanks to her husband (can not thank him enough for pushing us to do this). We were a little skeptical, but we were like whats the harm. So we set up Kreative Kookiez… we just wanted a funky name so we have the K’s in our name. Besides scrapbooking, cardmaking, paper crafts, jewelry, we also were baking a little at that time hence cookies just with K n Z 😉 

We started with shop on Etsy (an online handmade items selling place we found through a craft show)… believe me waiting for first sale was the hardest… but we did 😀 it was simply fabulous to mail our first sale. Since then we have made quite a bit of local sales…still working on it. Recently a store/boutique opened in our area that houses local artist work and helps them sell. That store is sunshine for us, step to get known locally =)

My business partner moved back to India… so we can say we work internationally now hahaha. It is definitely hard to work alone..she is not there anymore on the other side of the craft table to approve or disapprove what I make. However, we are working out ideas to do something exciting for the business. 

We both see crafting as more than hobby, it is something we enjoy doing, helps us calm down, gives inner peace. The other day my business partner said working on cards for even 1 hr is like a 2 hr nap for her (all those who know her, know how important sleep is to her and how much she can sleep :P). But it is a fact.

So we will keep crafting and keep working on our passion…will even teach our kids hoping they enjoy it as much as we do. BTW we do have our Business Blog – do visit us =)

Thats all for now,

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Cheers =)

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