Enjoy small things

Lately I have had many people tell me that I am always happy, have too much energy and am always ready to do things. What should do they to be the same? I am sorry to say, but it is not something that can be learned and put in action. This conversation with my cousin made me realize that it is all because I have learned to enjoy what I have and make the most of it rather than searching for more. Some may say I am not being ambitious and that I should aim for more. Well I always aim for higher and try to reach there, but while on my way there, I also look at the little things and tend to enjoy them. I have learned to let go of trivial things. My Grandpa use to tell me, don’t keep grudges…it is not going to get you anywhere. Learn to let go and put your energy to better things.

I am sure all know Pinterest (I love the ideas on there). So going through pinterest I found this quote:

True =)
 It is so true…We are so busying looking at big picture, that we tend to miss the subtitles. When I read this on pinterest (I did pin it on my board named Life), I thought about it. I mean I have done that too in the past… so busy trying to work on big things that I ignored the minute happenings around me. Although instead of regretting the missed moments I decided to just open my arms to everything. 

So stop for a minute, wave to your neighbor, enjoy the sun in your backyard, spend some time with you family, get in touch with that friend you haven’t talked to in a while…I promise you it will put you at peace and put a smile on your face.

Worked for me =)

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