New Beginning…

I have been into the blogging world for almost 4 years… my first blog, I never made public… kept it private…more so as an online diary. I used to write diaries- everyday…since 10th grade…did so for few years…still have all of them (gonna have to dig and see how I wrote back then :D) So to experience the blogging world I opened one…but didnt last long…there is nothing like writing in a book with a pen πŸ˜‰ I still write in my diary..just occasional. However, my life is more like open book for people who know me.. I put out everything on facebook–every news, good or bad, every thought- happy or angry!

This blog was previously known as MsPatelsclassroom… I decided to change it (don’t have a classroom of my own yet to share experiences) so made this a blog to share everything πŸ˜€ Like I said my life is open book and I tend to share most of the things… so might as well blog it out publicly πŸ˜‰

The name “Life Scribbles over Coffee” has meaning behind it…I asked few of my besties to help me give a new name to my blog keeping in mind the general theme of the blog. So one of them suggested Life Scribbles– thats what I will be doing…talking about different things here…and since I will be writing it…Scribbles (Thanks Kajal :D) Then another one came up with Coffee and Me (Thank you Dhaarna) –you see I am a Coffee Fanatic… Starbucks mainly…but appreciate a good cup of joe at all times. I love both the names so tried to combine it… after thinking all I could come up with was Life Scribbles with coffee, which I decided to keep and sent an email to close friends telling them I am keeping this name. Then my lovely husband suggested that Life Scribbles Over Coffee made more sense…. made me think OH YEA!!!! Hence, LIFE SCRIBBLES OVER COFFEE!!

I know there are many interesting blogs on the World Wide Web… and I will be honest my blog is inspiration from the many blogs I have visited and follow. The intent is to share my experiences whether it is food, travel, fitness or day to day adventures. I believe in learning from others experiences, so want to share all that I can.


Welcome to my new blog… hope you enjoy reading πŸ˜€

Cheers =)

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